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Warner offers Tweety fans two videos

TWEETY: TWEET & LOVELY gives US fans of the lovable little canary and hisalways-hungry pursuer, Sylvester, 10 of their funniest Warner cartoons.Included are "Red Riding Hoodwinked," "Fowl Weather," "A Pizza Tweety Pie,""Tugboat Granny," "Rebel Without Claws", "Tweety's Circus", "Greedy forTweety", "Hawaiian Aye Aye", "Tweet and Lovely", and "Catty Cornered". 66min. Warner Home Video. US street date: June 22. $14.95. TWEETY: HOME TWEETHOME includes ten more cartoons featuring Tweety and Sylvester. "BirdsAnonymous," "Bad Ol' Putty Tat," "Putty Tat Trouble," "Tweety's S.O.S.,""Home Tweet Home," "Snow Business," "Dog Pounded," "Tweet, Tweet, Tweety,""Tree Cornered Tweety," and "The Jet Cage." 70 mins. Warner Home Video. USstreet date: June 22. $14.95.