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Warner Bros. To Release YU-GI-OH!: The Movie Aug. 13

4Kids Entertainment Inc. made a deal Warner Bros. Pictures to distribute YU-GI-OH!: THE MOVIE, the first theatrical motion picture based on the hit YU-GI-OH! animated TV series. YU-GI-OH!: THE MOVIE produced by 4Kids Entertainment in association with Shueisha, TV Tokyo and Nihon AD-Systems will be released across the U.S. on Aug. 13, 2004 and will be released internationally in markets outside of Asia beginning in late August 2004.

Burger King Corp. will launch a major YU-GI-OH!: THE MOVIE premium promotion backed by television advertising in the U.S. and key territories. In addition, Warner Bros. Pictures and Japanese toy and video game maker Konami Corp. will be distributing special YU-GI-OH!: THE MOVIE trading cards to moviegoers in the U.S. and in the international markets. Cards will be offered at theatres with ticket purchases, including a new, rare collectors card that will be introduced especially for the theatrical release.

YU-GI-OH!: THE MOVIE is a natural progression as YU-GI-OH! remains one of televisions top-rated animated series, said Alfred R. Kahn, chairman/ceo of 4Kids. Taking YU-GI-OH! to the big screen is an exciting development for 4Kids Ent. and we look forward to building on the success of the brand for many years to come.

The movie takes the animated TV series and the stories appearing in SHONEN JUMP magazine, published by Shueisha in Japan and by VIZ, Llc. in the United States, to another level.

In YU-GI-OH!: THE MOVIE, after the conclusion of the Battle City Tournament, an ancient evil awakens deep below the sands of Egypt. Anubis, who was defeated centuries ago by Yugis mysterious alter ego the ancient Pharaoh returns for revenge. Wielding the power of the Eighth Millennium Item, Anubis is determined to destroy Yugi and take over the world.

YU-GI-OH! made its U.S. television debut on KIDS WB! in September 2001, and continues to rank at the top of the ratings charts, airing on KIDS WB! and Cartoon Network. Beginning in Japan as a manga (comic book) title in 1996, YU-GI-OH!: has grown into a global kids entertainment brand airing in more than 50 countries.

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