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Warner Bros. Launches Interactive Scooby-Doo 2 Website

Warner Bros. Online has launched the new SCOOBY-DOO 2: MONSTERS UNLEASHED Website (, containing new interactive features. The new live-action feature will be released in theaters on March 26, 2004. Additionally, the overall SCOOBY-DOO brand site ( is re-launching with a new look adding special games, showcase, Scooby Snacks and Scooby store sections.

"Between the movie site and the brand site, movie goers will have the opportunity to enjoy an unprecedented amount of SCOOBY-DOO content online leading up to and during the film," said Don Buckley, svp interactive marketing, Warner Bros. Pictures. "We are delighted that our team at Warner Bros. Pictures and the team at Warner Bros. Online were able to work together to offer fans so many rich, entertaining activities." features include:

* ESCAPE FROM THE COOLSONIAN: By uncovering clues hidden throughout the Coolsonian museum, players help Scooby navigate through varying levels of logic-based puzzles.

* MONSTER SMASH and MONSTER FOOD FIGHT: Two Flash games that have players smashing monsters or feeding them to fend them off.

* Scooby-Doo Plus! Dancers and Windows Media Player Skin allow visitors to download for free a 3D animated Scooby character that performs the "Puppy Shuffle" along with music playing on the Windows Media Player. Users that want to upgrade to Windows Plus! Digital Media Edition can also download the Skele-Man & Scooby-Doo "Spooky Shuffle" dancers.

* Favorite character expressions like "Zoinks!" "Jinkies!" and of course "Scooby-Dooby-Doo" can all be heard on the Scooby-Doo Soundboard.

* Iron-Ons can be downloaded so fans can make their own t-shirts

* Fans can sign up for one to five wireless text messages per week, including funny movie quotes and news about the release of the film.

* Additional features include buddy icons, wallpapers, a screensaver, contests, photos and video's new features include:

* Kids Area: Focused on younger fans, this section allows parents or children to print Scooby-Doo activity sheets and coloring books, get sneak peeks at comic books, among other things.

* Games: The site is launching with several new games including the first chapter of the episodic mystery HORROR ON THE HIGH SEAS. Written by WHAT'S NEW SCOOBY-DOO? writers and featuring the real voices of Shaggy and Scooby, the game unfolds over four chapters. Each chapter is a game with two levels of difficulty.

* Scooby-Doo Showcase: An information source for all things Scooby-Doo, including what's new in TV, home video, consumer products, publishing and interactive.

* Scooby Snacks: The official destination for all online Scooby goodies including screensavers, wallpaper, buddy icons and other digital "prizes."

* Scooby Shop: A place to purchase everything from Scooby housewares to toys and apparel.

* Message Boards: A central meeting area for fans to discuss all aspects of Scooby-Doo.

Warner Bros. Online (WBOL) ( provides full-service interactive solutions for Warner Bros. Ent. subsidiaries and external clients alike. WBOL offers its clients strategic digital planning and marketing support, while employing proprietary, next generation technologies in its suite of interactive solutions that include: Website creation and hosting, end-to-end design, animation, game creation, CRM and consumer privacy guidance, wireless development and original content. The company's international capabilities span more than 40 international markets throughout Europe, Asia and Latin America.

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