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Warner Bros. Exec VP Goes Indie

Warner Bros.' Lorenzo di Boneventura has stepped down from his position as executive VP of motion pictures to take a role at the studio producing independent films. As reported in VARIETY, di Boneventura, who was promoted to the position of exec VP less than two months ago, said he wanted to move to indie producing to "stretch his creative muscles," which were apparently atrophying under the strains of heading a major motion picture studio. During his tenure at Warner Bros., di Boneventura oversaw, among others, the making of THE MATRIX and its two sequels, SCOOBY DOO, THE PERECT STORM and the HARRY POTTER films, but it was not all successful FX blockbusters for di Boneventura, as he was also heading the studio when the recent flop The ADVENTURES OF PLUTO NASH was greenlit. All employees who were under di Boneventura now report to president and COO Alan Horn. No word on who will fill di Boneventura's shoes.