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Warner Bros. Animation Scribe Dini Departs

Award-winning animation writer Paul Dini has departed Warner Bros. Animation after 15 years of writing hit animated TV series, including the BATMAN BEYOND, DUCK DODGERS, JUSTICE LEAGUE, TINY TOON ADVENTURES and SUPERMAN: THE ANIMATED SERIES. Dini made the announcement on his Deanspeak Website May 25, 2004.

It is now with a mixture of excitement and sadness that I announce, effective immediately, I am leaving WBA, at least for the foreseeable future, said Dini. From assorted Spielbergia through Batmen present and future, onto Superman, Duck Dodgers and finally closing out on JLU and a certain super powered pup, I was lucky to work on some great projects with a truly gifted assortment of artists and writers. Ill miss them. Part of me hates to leave ol Termite Tower (the somewhat presumptuous name the TINY TOONS crew and I gave our digs in Sherman Oaks when we started back in, yikes, 1989!) but new opportunities are calling and its time for me to go.

On the horizon I look forward to doing more live feature film writing, more comic book writing (my own characters and others) and generally stretching myself in other creative areas, he continued. But a nice long vacation is what I need right now and I think Ill lose myself on a desert island for a while.

Dini won the Second Annual Animation Writing Award presented by The Animation Writers Caucus of the Writers Guild of America, a group of animation writers represented by The Writers Guild.