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Walt Disney's Original Studio's Restoration Featured Live On The Web

Walt Disney's original animation studio is in the process of being restored, and you can get in on the action. A live Webcast documenting the restoration of the Kansas City, Missouri building where the Laugh-O-Gram Studios, Walt Disney's original animation studio, was housed is now online. The not-for-profit organization Thank You, Walt Disney, Inc. is spearheading the renovation in an attempt to return the building to its 1920s condition, including animation equipment present when Laugh-O-Gram films operated out of the second floor. Other plans include the addition of a museum and exhibit space, studios for children to learn animation, a gift shop and a theater. For additional information about the restoration of the Laugh-O-Gram Studio and access to live streaming video from the project visit

Before moving to Kansas City, Walt Disney was Marceline, Missouri's favorite son. Robin Allan visited Walt Disney's home town and discovered that Walt truly harkened back to his days in this rural American town.