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Wallace & Gromit Return!

Twelve new Wallace and Gromit short films will soon be available on the Internet. Aardmans Nick Park is in production on the 1-minute films, each featuring a unique Wallace-created invention, demonstrated as usual by the ever-patient Gromit. The film series, entitled WALLACES WORKSHOP, was inspired by a similar series of photographic vignettes Park was commissioned to create for the U.S. magazine EXPLORE. The films will be available online beginning Fall 2002. Using the new Movie Album concept developed by Media Ideas Ltd., fans will visit chosen Websites to collect a series of short film clips on a free CD-Rom album. Each collected set unlocks a whole film for viewing from the CD. A new film will be available for collection each weekend. Hopefully the shorts will be enough to satisfy fans until the new Wallace and Gromit film THE GREAT VEGETABLE PLOT, which Park is currently scripting, is released in a couple of years. In other Aardman news, BAM! Entertainment has entered into a five-year, multi-product licensing and publishing partnership with Aardman to release multi-platform games based on Wallace & Gromit and other Aardman intellectual property.