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Wallace & Gromit and Bugs Bunny return!

Warner Bros. Home Video is re-releasing the feature length THE LOONEY,LOONEY, LOONEY BUGS BUNNY MOVIE, a collection of Looney Tunes by FrizFreleng. It includes the following Bugs Bunny shorts: KNIGHTY KNIGHT BUGS,SAHARA HARE, ROMAN LEGION HARE, HIGH DIVING HARE, HARE TRIMMED, SHOW BIZBUGS, WILD AND WOOLY HARE, and THE UNMENTIONABLES, as well as CATTYCORNERED (Tweety & Sylvester), GOLDEN YEGGS (Daffy Duck), and THE THREELITTLE BOPS. (Note: Some films may not be complete.) Also from Warner BUGS BUNNY: BIG TOP BUNNY which includes BIG TOP BUNNY, TORTOISE BEATSHARE, WATER, WATER, EVERY HARE, RABBIT RAMPAGE, ABOMINABLE SNOW RABBIT,RABBIT'S KIN, FOXY BY PROXY, BUGS BUNNY GETS THE BOID, MY BUNNY LIES OVERTHE SEA, and BATON BUNNY. (ABOMINABLE SNOW RABBIT, BIG TOP BUNNY, andRABBIT'S KIN have previously only been available in the US on laserdisc;and FOXY BY PROXY and RABBIT RAMPAGE have previously only been available onlaserdisc in Japan.) Both Bugs Bunny videos are due to be released in theUS on October 26.

Here is an update for the previously announced WALLACE & GROMIT: THE FIRSTTHREE ADVENTURES DVD. Besides the shorts A GRAND DAY OUT, THE WRONGTROUSERS and A CLOSE SHAVE, the DVD will include director Nick Park'searliest animated works, THE RAT AND THE BEANSTALK and WALTER GOES FISHING.It will also include screen-tests of Nick Park's film school work includingDOG TEST and A GRAND DAY OUT. Plus, it will include an excerpt from THEWRONG TROUSERS "making of" featurette, which was shown in the US after thePBS telecast of THE WRONG TROUSERS several years ago, and a Wallace &Gromit Christmas interstitial created for BBC Television. The previousrelease date of September 7 has been changed to September 28.