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THE WALL and SPAWN 3: THE ULTIMATE BATTLE among new DVD releases

Columbia Records will celebrate the 20th anniversary ofthe release of PINK FLOYD's album THE WALL with the release of the film onDVD in October. The film includes animation designed and directed by Gerald Scarfe, who went onto design Disney's HERCULES. The DVD features a new transfer of theoriginal widescreen film, as well as unreleased footage, a remastered 5.1Dolby Digital soundtrack, the 25-minute "making of" documentary THE OTHERSIDE OF THE WALL, and the new 45-minute documentary RETROSPECTIVE, withrunning commentary from Roger Waters, Gerald Scarfe, and more. . . SPAWN 3:THE ULTIMATE BATTLE, a collection of the third season of HBO's SPAWNanimated series, was released on August 23 in the US. . . ImageEntertainment, Inc., a licensee and distributor of DVDs in North America,will release six computer animation titles from Odyssey Productions on DVDand videocassette. The first title to be released, on October 19, will beCOMPUTER ANIMATION MARVELS which includes PETS, THE PERSECUTION, VACHEFOLLE, TICKED OFF, CARVED JOURNEY, THE HUNGRY ONE, THE PHYSICS OFCARTOONS--PART 1, H2O, BOWTIE BLUES, CPU, LAST CALL, ROCKPAPERSCISSORS, ANARROW MARTIAN OF ERROR, LOVE & ROCKETS, FLY HARD, THE SITTER, and ChrisLandreth's BINGO. The DVD version also includes JATAKA. . . Rhino HomeVideo will release episodes from three Sunbow Entertainment series from the1980s, G.I. JOE, THE TRANSFORMERS, and JEM, on VHS on September 21 in theUS. G.I. JOE and THE TRANSFORMERS are packaged in three-volume box sets,while JEM is a single volume. Each volume includes two episodes. . .Columbia TriStar Home Video is releasing its first original computeranimated direct to video title, THE NUTTIEST NUTCRACKER. The animatedmusical, based on Tchaikovsky's THE NUTCRACKER SUITE, is directed by HaroldHarris and features the voices of Jim Belushi, Cheech Marin, and PhyllisDiller. It will be available on VHS and DVD in the US beginning October 19.. . Manga Video is releasing FIST OF THE NORTH STAR Volume 5, whichincludes Episode 13, 14, and 15, on August 31, 1999 in the US. In theseepisodes, the hero confronts a mutant giant, the personification of Satan,and continues his search for his kidnapped girlfriend.