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WAC’s World Animation Competition Winners

Finishing up on June 4, 2000, The World Animation Celebrations competition has announced its winners. Prizes in over 30 competition categories were awarded. There were over 500 entries from all over the world. Annecy 1999 and Cannes winning short WHEN THE DAY BREAKS by Wendy Tilby and Amanda Forbis took home the grand prize. Taking the top prize for theatrical features was STUART LITTLE. The live-action/CGI animated feature beat out DreamWorks PRINCE OF EGYPT, which took home the second place prize. Below is a complete list of the winners.

Grand Prize

WHEN THE DAY BREAKS by Wendy Tilby and Amanda Forbis

Special Jury Prize FLYING NANSEN by Igor Kovalyov

Shorter than 5 Minutes 1st Prize: PROTEST by Steve Katz 2nd Prize: BILLY'S BALLOON by Don Hertzfeldt

Longer than 5 Minutes but Shorter than 15 minutes 1st Prize: AT THE ENDS OF THE EARTH by Konstantin Bronzit 2nd Prize: MY GRANDMOTHER IRONED THE KING'S SHIRTS by Torill Kove

Longer than 15 Minutes but Shorter than 30 minutes 1st Prize: NIGHT OF THE CARROTS by Priit Parn

2nd Prize: THE OLD MAN AND THE SEA by Alexander Petrov

Best Work Produced by a Student 1st Prize: THE CAKE/KOLAC by Daniel Suljic

2nd Prize: STANLEY by Suzie Templeton

Best Experimental Animation 1st Prize: ROOST by Amy Kravitz 2nd Prize: GRACE by Lorelei Pepi

Best Stop Motion Produced Professionally 1st Prize: SLIM PICKINGS by Anthony Lucas

Best Stop Motion Produced by an Independent 1st Prize: CLOPS III by Corky Quakenbush 2nd Prize: THE PERIWIG-MAKER by Steffen Schaeffler and Annette Schaeffler

Best First Work made by an Independent Animator intended for Public Exhibition 1st Prize: IN THE BOX by Michal Struss and Peter Veverka 2nd Prize: LUZ by Jose Javier Martinez

Best TV Commercial 1st Prize: Boddington's "Cream of Playboys" by Stig Bergquist and Jonas Dahlbeck 2nd Prize: Natwest - Credit Card/Airmilles "The Littlest Hobo" by Christopher Simon

Best Animated Music Video 1st Prize: Moby "Why Does My Heart Feel So Bad" by Susi Wilkinson, Hotessa Laurence and Filipe Alscada 2nd Prize: "Ranbo 13" by Pal Balazs

Best Public Service Announcement 1st Prize: "Head Scratch/Partner" by Steve Angel 2nd Prize: "Not So Clever Trevor at the Carnival" by Dave Thomas

Best Title Sequence 1st Prize: BATMAN BEYOND by Bruce Timm and Darwyn Cooke


Best Computer-Assisted Animation Produced by a Independent 1st Prize: THE SPECTACLE by Josh Look 2nd Prize: CHICKEN KIEV by Thomas Stellmach

Animation Produced for Educational Purposes 1st Prize: STONE CRUSHER by Toonz Animation India 2nd Prize: GREAT MOMENTS IN SCIENCE "Manhole Cover First in Space" by Andrew Horne

Best Direct to Home Video Production 1st Prize: BATMAN & MR. FREEZE: SUBZERO by Boyd Kirkand

2nd Prize: WAKKO'S WISH by Rusty Mills, Liz Holzman and Tom Ruegger

Best Animation Produced for Daytime TV Series 1st Prize: THE NEW BATMAN/SUPERMAN ADVENTURES "Over the Edge" by Yuichiro Yano 2nd Prize: HILLTOP HOSPITAL by Robin Lyons

Best Animation Produced for Primetime TV Series 1st Prize: THE PJS "The Preacher's Life" by Marv Newland 2nd Prize: BOB AND MARGARET "Cuckoo In The Nest" by Karen Lessman and Doug Thoms

Best Animation Produced for a Television Special 1st Prize: THE CANTERBURY TALES by S4C, BBC Wales and HBO

2nd Prize: MOBY-DICK by Man & Time Production for S4C, BBC Wales and HBO

Best Non-Theatrical Film over 30 Minutes in Length 1st Prize: CARNIVALE by Deane Taylor 2nd Prize: LEIF ERICSON by Phil Nibbelink

Best Theatrical Feature Film 1st Prize: STUART LITTLE by Rob Minkoff 2nd Prize: THE PRINCE OF EGYPT by Brenda Chapman, Steve Hickner and Simon Wells

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