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Vooz Goes Green with Myo & Ga

Vooz Co. Ltd., the creator of the love messenger character Pucca, is branching out to the kids market this year with the new series MYO & GA, which combines adventure, fantasy, slap stick comedy and an environmental message. The series sees the world through the eyes of Ga, the sea turtle.

Vooz presented 2:30x7 episodes of the short animation during the 2007 MIPTV and upon garnering positive feedback from television and new media industries, has decided to develop the idea as a larger co-production.

Vooz said that all the episodes will be published into a comicbook series this year and the merchandise licensing will be launched this coming fall.

Vooz Co. Ltd. is a global company that works in character development, animation, publication, mobile & wireless, online entertainment, theme park and merchandising brand licensing and franchise shop development. For more information, visit

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