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Voltron Descending on Boomerang

Classic VOLTRON episodes will air on the Boomerang Channel, starting Feb. 18.

The weekly strip show, repackaged from the 1984 episodes, will run for one year Mondays through Fridays.

Based on a Japanese series, VOLTRON is about a team of young pilots in charge of five robot lions that unite to form the mega-robot Voltron, defender of the of the planet Arus.

Media Blasters released the series last year as an eight-volume DVD set called VOLTRON: DEFENDER OF THE UNIVERSE, enhanced with exclusive documentaries and seldom-seen clips from the original show.

Three remaining volumes, including the "Go Lion" episodes, are scheduled for DVD release throughout 2008.

Boomerang is a sister channel of Cartoon Network, both owned by Time Warner.

A potential VOLTRON live-action feature film with producer Mark Gordon has set off renewed interest in World Events Productions merchandising deals.

Some of these deals include a collectible shoe line by Reebok, apparel lines a collectible toy line and a comic deal with Devil's Due Publishing.