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Voices Return For Space Chimps Video Game

Talent from the upcoming animated movie, SPACE CHIMPS, will be featured in the videogame of the same name. Cheryl Hines (CURB YOUR ENTHUSIASM, RV) and Patrick Warburton (BEE MOVIE, SEINFELD) reprise their roles from the movie, Luna and Titan respectively, for the videogame.

Based on the film produced by Vanguard Animation and presented by Starz Animation, the videogame is slated for release on July 15, 2008, just days before the film's July 18, 2008 debut.

In the SPACE CHIMPS game, players follow the adventures of pioneering primates on a mission into outer space. Hines as Luna, is a by-the-books, go-getting chimp, who graduated top of her astronaut training class. As the interactive plot of the game unfolds, Luna's level head becomes an asset, and players take control of the character to explore alien territories and complete quests that explore lands and characters beyond the plot of the movie. Warburton as Titan, is the commanding officer of their space craft, and uses his deep stern voice to keep his crew in line. However, his quick temper and tendency to go bananas makes leading a squad difficult at times for this commanding chimp.

SPACE CHIMPS the game will be available for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 2 and the Wii and Nintendo DS videogame systems from Nintendo. The game is rated "E" by the ESRA and will be available at retailers nationwide July 15, 2008.