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VoiceAnimations Adds Text-To-Speech Feature To E-mail Greetings

MessageBay, Inc.s has added a text-to-speech feature to its lip-synching animation Website. The new feature allows Web surfers to create Personal Puppetgram e-mails by typing in the text instead of having to use a microphone to add the voices. Visitors can even control the speed, pitch, accent and gender of the selected voice. Then using the VoiceAnimations plug-in, the text is lip-synched to a variety of different animated characters. "Naturally, its fun to receive a talking puppet from," said MessageBay CEO Jon Louis, "but its even more fun creating one. Now you can talk or type, and instantly create a lip-synched animation in real-time." MessageBay Inc. is one of the largest voice messaging ASPs on the Net. If artists or animators are interested in having their characters turned into Puppetgram characters contact MessageBay at

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