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Voice123 Offers VO & Post-Production Services In One Place

Voice123 ( is now promoting the talent of professional voice over actors who can fully produce any type of voice over project for animation, cartoon or character voiceover recordings.

The company is offering a place where voice over and post-production can be done in one place, at the same time and meeting the project owner's time and budget requirements. Voice123 has a database of more than 50,000 professional voiceover talents who can be searched for and hired online for any type of animation project. They do the voice over recordings as well as many types of post-production work such as background music, mixing voices, sound effects, file encoding, among other.

To find the right voice over producer, voice talent seekers just have to post their projects on the Voice123 website or search the online voice actor database. In either case, the voice seeker will be able to read talents' resumes, hear voice over demos online, contact each voice talent and determine if the talent is the best for the project. Regardless of the type of animation, cartoon or character project or voice needed, voice talent seekers will always deal with very professional voiceover artist, ensuring high quality voice over work and with fast turnaround.

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