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VO Actor Peter Hawkins Passes Away

Peter Hawkins, a British actor who voiced characters that ranged from THE FLOWERPOT MEN to the sinister Daleks on DR. WHO, has died, reports various news outlets. He was 82.

Hawkins started as a stage actor after his World War II service in the Navy. After working in conventional roles on TV, he moved into voice over in the 1950s on the children's puppet shows THE FLOWERPOT MEN, which featured two creatures with legs made from flower pots.

Hawkins' achievements included doing all the voices for CAPTAIN PUGWASH, a pirate cartoon that ran from 1957 to 1966 and later for SIR PRANCELOT.

He helped create the distinctive sound of the Daleks, the sinister robotic enemies of Dr. Who, and of another Dr. Who adversary, the Cybermen.

His other voice work included Hergé's ADVENTURES OF TINTIN and JIMBO AND THE JET SET.

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