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VMM bounces back - with plenty of Stretch and Squash!

Like Woody and Buzz, Visual Magic Magazine is back. After a period ofinactivity, your favorite visual effects & 3D animation magazine is back onthe web sporting a brand new look, a new way of publishing, and a renewedcommitment to providing superior articles and news to visual effects andanimation professionals and enthusiasts. The only thing we don't have isTom Hanks and Tim Allen. But that can be arranged (maybe). "Toy Story 2" ishitting our screens very soon, and of course, you can expect full coveragein the all new Visual Magic Magazine. But we aren't just stopping there.Bond is also back with a new movie: "The World Is Not Enough." And indeed,the world is not enough for us, as we bring you full coverage of the visualeffects produced for this movie. As well as these two great features we'llbring you reviews of 3D Studio MAX 3, Animation Master 7.1, Flash 4, AfterEffects 4.0, NeMo, The Visual Effects CD, and much more. Team all thiscoverage up with our extensive interviews, and up and coming Masterclassesin character animation, scene composition, and the human form, and you'vegot yourself a magical reading list to take you into the millennium.