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VizWoz Offers Online Gaming Community For UK Teens

New teen virtual community, VizWoz ( launches Friday in the UK.

VizWoz is a dynamic virtual world for teens offering entertainment, interaction and advanced game play through new and innovative technology.

The visual world of VizWoz is set to be a mass market highly immersive online gaming experience aimed at 11-14 year olds.

VizWoz was founded by serial entrepreneur, Daniel Laurence who also successfully founded School Stickers, UK's largest sticker company and MyStickers, UK's largest school incentive and reward initiative.

VizWoz encompasses a host of imaginary worlds in a theme park style offering users creative freedom for the most realistic virtual experience.

With its advanced userface and graphics and unprecedented flash animation with no download, VizWoz boasts constant movement on the site and speed of gameplay.

Appealing to both boys and girls, teen users create and customize their own character avatars all of whom move on futuristic hover boards. The special-effects driven site provides a 3D chat room as well as a host of detailed interactive features that are quick and easy to navigate.

Aimed to cater for all tastes and interests in the teen sector including film, music, sport and fashion, VizWoz mixes chat, single and multiplayer games, interactivity and user generated content.

The moderation process is extremely advanced, provided by key word screening, artificial intelligence and human moderation.

Enforcement is either automatic (3 strikes and out), or by the VizCops -- the online VizWoz police force who patrol the community and will be available at any time to offer immediate assistance.

There are two types of registration that enables users to access the site. Basic membership is free and allows users to enter and explore with others; send messages to friends; play games and earn the site currency; Viz Dolla.

VIP membership (from 2.95 pounds a month) enhances the VizWoz experience so in addition to the basic benefits, users will receive access to additional rooms and games, clothes and accessories for the avatars plus additional room on the VizWoz servers to enjoy a more advanced and engaging experience.