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Vision Globale Turns World 'Upside Down'

Vision Globale provides postproduction for Juan Diego Solanas’ “Upside Down.”


Montréal, Canada -- Vision Globale announced its participation in Upside Down, a major Canada-France co-production.

This ambitious production featuring  Kirsten Dunst (Virgin Suicides, Spider Man, Melancholia) and Jim Sturgess (Across the Universe, 21, Cloud Atlas), sprouts from director Juan Diego Solanas fertile imagination.

Entirely shot in Montreal, this science-fiction romance is set in a strange world where two parallel yet opposite worlds coexist and where an ordinary man will do the extraordinary to find his lost love.

Vision Globale took charge of the entire postproduction, including close to 500 VFX shots.

“The unique visual universe created for Upside Down is sure to leave its mark in the viewer. It really is exciting for the artists to be part of such creation,” said Jacques Levesque, Director of Visual Effects at Vision Globale.

Upside Down was an incredible journey and the visual effects were a big part of it. I'm proud of the result and happy with my collaboration with Vision Globale” adds Juan Diego Solanas.

With more than 500 employees, Vision Globale is the most important Canadian-owned company offering services related to the film and television industries. The offer covers the full range of requirements: in studios, camera and lighting rental; post-production; visual effects and 3D animation; production and management of assets for distribution and broadcast through film, television, internet and mobile networks.

Source: Vision Globale

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