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Virtual Space Selects Big Stage's 3-D Avatar Technology

Press Release from Big Stage Entertainment, Inc. and Virtual Space Entertainment

LOS ANGELES -- Big Stage Entertainment, Inc., the leading platform for consumer projection of self into digital life, has licensed its proprietary 3-D facial modeling technology to Virtual Space Entertainment for their new high definition, photo-realistic 3-D virtual universe, BLUE MARS 2150. BLUE MARS 2150 launches August 2009 with support to follow from innovative interactive museum exhibits, television and a million dollar race around a transformed virtual planet that is ready for colonization.

A user's animated 3-D likeness seamlessly enters and explores BLUE MARS 2150's amazing landscapes including futuristic cities by Syd Mead and other artists and major attractions from renowned organizations such as the National Association of College Stores, the National Geographic Society and the Smithsonian Institution's National Museum of Natural History. Visitors can socialize with friends in hip entertainment venues, explore the planet Mars as transformed into a blue paradise, and play unique social networked version of games including Tetris.

Big Stage's breakthrough technology, which makes it simple for users to create animated 3-D likenesses of themselves, will allow millions of BLUE MARS 2150 visitors to star in and share an unprecedented range of virtual experiences. A track with robotic 120-feet-tall dogs, college reunions in the garb of your alma mater and visiting the tomb of the first emperor of China are among the many Martian attractions.

"Big Stage technology allows us to realize a highly innovative and personalized experience whereby visitors can immerse themselves as their recognizable digital selves into our educational and entertainment creations," said Virtual Space Entertainment (VSE) CEO Richard Childers. "We are excited to partner with Big Stage and are looking forward to realizing our ambitious '22nd Century' goals for BLUE MARS 2150."

"The world VSE has created is absolutely stunning, unquestionably worthy of the highest content standards demanded by institutions such as The National Geographic Society, NOVA and a host of others," said Phil Ressler, Big Stage Entertainment CEO. "We're proud that the talented designers at VSE have augmented their base development platform with our PortableYou technology to literally project visitors into the fabulous digital experiences they're creating and further differentiate this ambitious project."

Big Stage technology advances with morphing and kiosk breakthroughsThe project incorporates Big Stage Entertainment's proprietary technology, which instantly maps the contours of a user's face. The resulting realistic, animated 3-D model, called an @ctor, is inserted by Big Stage's PortableYou software into digital media or virtual worlds such as BLUE MARS 2150.

One of the BLUE MARS 2150 virtual exhibits will feature a Big-Stage enabled morphing game as part of a landmark exploration of man's ancestry. Museum visitors will quickly and easily create their high-definition @ctors using Big Stage's revolutionary new kiosk-based avatar-creation solution. Both online and in-person visitors will see their @ctors recognizable and yet transformed to resemble, move and act like the era of human ancestors they are exploring, from using the first tools to painting buffalo on cave walls. NOVA is using VSE footage from this virtual exhibit as part of a 3-hour television special on man's origins.