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Virgin Comics Sets Up Animation Shop In Bangalore

Virgin Comics has set up an animation studio in Bangalore where artists work on themes with a strong eastern influence. Reports NDTVPROFIT.COM.

"Bangalore is the true R&D centre for Virgin animation," said Suresh Seetharaman, president, Virgin Comics & Virgin Animation. "It creates all the content, be it art, content and works with a complete network of people abroad who help us put it all together."

Four lines of comics are ready: DEVI, SADHU, SNAKEWOMAN and RAMAYAN. The comics will be available in India by next year. DEVI, which sold 10,000 copies in less than two weeks in the U.S., will likely be made into a theatrical release in the near future.

Seetharaman added, "India is huge and it is like searching for a needle in a haystack in terms of talent. But we are growing and we are trying to be a magnet in terms of attracting this talent," and make a sizeable financial investment training that talent.

The animation industry in India has a very small portion of the global pie at $6 billion the Indian site reports, but Virgin Comics expects it to increase to more than $60 billion in less than three years.