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Vinton Studios Secures Rights To The Wall And The Wing

Vinton Studios has nabbed the rights to author Laura Rubys second novel, THE WALL AND THE WING, due out from HarperCollins in 2006. In a high six-figure deal, Vinton Studios ceo Jeff Farnath announced that the book will be re-imagined for the screen and directed by Henry Selick (JAMES AND THE GIANT PEACH and NIGHTMARE BEFORE CHRISTMAS).

THE WALL AND THE WING is a magical adventure set in a bizarre Dahl-esque Manhattan, where a group of orphans have had their memories stolen in a plot to re-write the history of the world. Imagine a New York City where everyone can fly (though not very well) and two feisty orphans with special gifts: one can make herself disappear and the other flies better than anyone in the land.

According to Selick, This somewhat Dickensian story concerns a good little orphan at the mercy of unscrupulous adults, and while it packs a huge wallop of action and scary situations, what I love most of all about the book is that everyone is really funny.Not every story has an orphanage matron with a plastic surgery obsession or a bad guy who was a former child model for No Pee Pull-up Pants. Laura Ruby has an amazing sense of humor which informs each and every character.

Vinton Studios literary scout Fiona Kenshole says, Its exciting to find classic storytelling coupled with a wonderful contemporary twist to the humor. We acted decisively because when we see a project that fits Vinton Studios creative oeuvre, we are committed to acquiring it. Our business plan doesnt include optioning lots of titles. We intend to make each property we purchase into the very best animated feature films in the market.

When I sat down to write my second novel for children, says Laura Ruby, I tapped into my little personal fantasy about flying. This is a fantasy, however, that other people seem to relate to. Who in the world hasnt felt invisible at one time or another? Who in the world hasnt wished they could fly? I'm a huge fan of animation in general and Vinton Studios in particular, and I'm beyond thrilled that they chose to option THE WALL AND THE WING. The remarkable sense of wit and mischief in Henry Selicks work is ideally suited to bring this book to cinematic life.

Vinton Studios is the co-producer of the upcoming Tim Burton/Warner Bros. feature film, CORPSE BRIDE. In addition, Vinton Studios acquired bestselling author Neil Gaimans novel CORALINE as a directing/writing project for Selick with former 20th Century FOX chairman/ceo Bill Mechanic and his Pandemonium Films co-producing. Selick is currently adding the final touches to his CG short, MOONGIRL, his first project since joining VS.

Vinton Studios, with offices in Portland and Los Angeles, is a leading producer of animated commercials and shorts, including long-running and iconic campaigns such as M&Ms and the NFL on FOX. In September 2003, Phil Knight, co-founder and chairman of Nike, acquired Vinton Studios and holds the position of chairman.

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