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Vinton Studios Makes Heads Spin With Jell-O Gel Sticks Spot

Vinton Studios recently completed an animated spot for Kraft Foods' new Jell-O Gel Sticks via agency FCB/NY, combining stop-motion, cel animation and CG. The spot opens with a green Jell-O gel stick in the background while a 2D stick figure character looks at it and scratches his head. He moves in to investigate the massive gel stick, pokes it and whistles for his friends to join him. Two acrobatic stick figures jump up and down on the gel stick, then catapult off to form a wobbly stick figure pyramid. While two of the characters rip open the top of the gel stick, one of the stick figures leaps from the top of the pyramid, making a face plant on top of the gel stick. The green Jell-O explodes out of the wrapper, flies in the air and is gobbled by the other characters. The Jell-O turns them green and their heads spin. A latecomer joins the party, only to be knocked down by one of the spinning heads. They all laugh as the narrator says, "The extreme fruit flavor just might make your head spin." "I have to give the agency creatives credit," said Vinton Studios director Mike Wellins. "They kept a very rough line in the character which gave it a really nice hand drawn childlike appeal." The cel animated stick figures, the real gel stick shot in stop-motion and the green CG Jell-O were composited using Flame.