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Vinton Studios Hires Three Directors for Advertising Division

Vinton Studios has hired award-winning directors Courtney Booker, Jeff Drew and Aaron Sorenson for its advertising division.

Courtney Booker, animator, video director, painter and multimedia visual artist, is putting the final touches on the new animated music video for the group They Might Be Giants. A Carnegie-Mellon graduate, her paintings have been exhibited at many of the country's top galleries. She worked in story animation and effects on Pixar's FINDING NEMO and THE INCREDIBLES and her short film LESSON ONE won the Audience Award at the New York International Film & TV Festival.

Jeff Drew is a 1996 graduate of John Herron School of Art in Indianapolis. His animated short film, WALK, has been shown at numerous festivals around the world, including Sundance and the IFP West Los Angeles Film Festival and recently won the Audience Choice Award for Best Animation at the New York International Independent Film & Video Festival. Jeff has done numerous animated television spots and his illustrations have appeared in numerous magazines.

Aaron Sorenson studied character animation at San Francisco State University and was hired by Wild Brain soon after his 1996 graduation. He worked as a layout artist and eventually as an animator on various television productions as well as the direct-to-video feature FERNGULLY 2. Sorenson worked as an animator on Nike, Coca Cola, and KFC campaigns and then segued to animator director working on such iconic campaigns as The Jolly Green Giant, Bugs Bunny and Cap'n Crunch.

Vinton Studios is a leading producer of animated commercials and shorts. Vinton Studios has garnered an Academy Award, four Academy Award nominations, 11 Emmys and 10 Clios. For more information, visit

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