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Vinton Studios Acquires Celluloid

Portland, Oregon-based animation house Vinton Studios has acquired Denver-based Celluloid Studios, which specializes in cel animation. Vinton Studios has announced that the two companies will be combined to create a more diverse style of animation, although each studio will retain their company name. Vinton and Celluloid recently collaborated on a 4-minute advertising short for TBWA/Chiat Days client Nissan and their SE-R automobile launch. The anime-style spot, titled "Master of the Sixth Speed," combines 3D and 2D animation in a high-paced action film, and was made available on CD-ROM to various target markets. Vinton and Celluloid Studios created two of the main characters for the spot. "Animation has become a fused art form combining the pure elements of 2D cel animation with 3D CGI and a variety of other forms," said James Wahlberg, founder and creative director of Celluloid Studios. "The acquisition of Celluloid by Vinton will result in a studio with a much broader animation scope and a greater ability to discover unexplored mediums." Wahlberg will maintain his position as creative director of Celluloid and the Celluloid staff will continue to manage production as it has in the past.