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ViewPoint Studios Goes Wild With Animal Planet ID

ViewPoint Studios has created an on-air identity package for Animal Planet Network. The creative team spent a week at the Chapman Leonard Studio in Orlando Florida filming 34 different species of animals for blue screen compositing. Filming the animals on blue screen allowed the ViewPoint Studios design team to incorporate the footage within the environmental backgrounds. In some cases the animals interact with graphic elements in the scene, as with the prairie dog pushing up the Animal Planet logo as he pops up and down out of his burrow. For practical reasons, penguins, bees and an octopus were each created and rendered by ViewPoints CGI animators. "Animal Planet was looking to us for an extension of the design direction weve been developing over the last few years," said Glenn Robbins, ViewPoint Studios creative director. "The foundation of Animal Planets identity needed to be supported with a library of elements that placed animals, typography, and the network logo in environments that supported them. This will provide a consistency throughout all their on-air promotions and identities." Dave Shilale directed the spot and Mike Leone and David So were the 3D animators.

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