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ViewPoint Studios Gives ZDTV New IDs

ViewPoint Studios has zapped up the relaunch of technology channel ZDTV as TechTV with a new ID campaign. The ViewPoint team developed concepts based on both the evolution of the network and the personality of the new logo. In a montage of live-action and visual effects work, a biological twist turns simple cell division into the logo at the microscopic level. Another ID gives a science lesson that demonstrates the fundamentals of logo conception. Maya was used to create the animation. "There were very few limitations," said ViewPoint Studios' design director, Michael Frederick. "The main objective was to identify TechTV in a unique and memorable way that gives the viewer a refreshing break within the programming block." ViewPoint Studios' team consisted of creative director Glenn Robbins, designer Mike Frederick, Flame artist Dave DiNisco, CGI animator Mike Leone and executive producer Dave Shilale.

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