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ViewPoint Studio Completes Promotional Campaign For Court TV’s Forensic Fil

Creative firm ViewPoint Studios announced the completion of a promotional campaign for the Court TV series, FORENSIC FILES. The campaign highlights the fascinating investigative process and intriguing stories of forensic specialists. To effectively convey how the science and technology used by forensic specialists works to uncover the truth surrounding crimes, ViewPoint Studio chose to show how an ordinary object could actually be a crucial piece of evidence. They used everyday objects such as a piece of gum, a cigarette butt, a hair and a fly as their focal points. Using a combination of animation stand and Flame composite, commented ViewPoint Studios Design Director Michael Frederick, we created a stylized forensic lab where the viewer begins to see the objects from a forensic scientists point of view. By overlaying a variety of graphic data we then showed how a piece of gum reveals critical evidence in a crime such as dental history, genetic profile, age, nationality and even cause of death.