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Viewpoint’s Media Player Gets Hyper

Viewpoint Corporation, a provider of digital marketing technologies, has launched the newest version of the Viewpoint Media Player. This latest version showcases Viewpoint's HyperView feature, which enables viewers to expand rich media content beyond the browser window and utilize the entire desktop as real estate for the content. The Viewpoint Media Player allows for the integration and interaction of rich media formats such as Flash, 3D, animation, text, audio and zoomable 2D graphics. The HyperView feature can be used to play the content over any area of the user's desktop before retreating back into the banner space. For developers the technology provides seamless changes from thumbnails to fully zoomable images. Products in realistic 3D, with Flash movies playing, can now be integrated into existing HTML pages without impacting page layout designs. In order to publish Viewpoint Experience Technology (VET) content on a Website, the site publisher must execute a Broadcast License Agreement and acquire the associated Broadcast License Key. Broadcast licenses are free for non-commercial use but a license fee is required for any commercial deployment of Viewpoint content.