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ViewPoint Discovers New Spots For Wings & Civilization Networks

The Discovery Channel Networks enlisted the talents of ViewPoint Studios to develop a promotional package for their Wings and Civilization Channels. ViewPoint filmed the live-action footage of a mock air battle on location in Laage, Germany. Avid editorial transformed the footage into dramatic sequences and then turned it over to the design and Flame teams. The main title and supporting text elements were developed along with further enhancements of color treatments and lighting effects. "Two versions of the promos were created to reflect the two shows airing on the different channels," states Andrew Amorello, ViewPoint Studios producer. "The first promo was cut fast with a pounding sound track to convey the total rush of the experience. This was total adrenaline for the plane enthusiast, focusing primarily on the pilot and his jet. The second version is about the human drama of these former adversaries meeting. It emphasizes the pilots and is more emotional with a musical score that conveys a sense of power and heroism." ViewPoint Studios team included director of promotions Michael Middeleer; designer/art director Michael MacKenzie; flame* artist Dave DiNisco; and producer Andrew Amorello.

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