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Viewpoint Creates 2 Promotional Packages For Discovery

Boston-based ViewPoint Studios has completed two on-air promotional packages for Discovery Communications. The first promotional package was for Animal Planet International's "Whale of a Week," which features a line-up of shows revolving around whales. Molly McCarthy, associate producer of international on-air promotion for Discovery Networks International, said, "Our goal was to create a promo that would travel across all regions of the world and portray the beauty and mystery of whales, while maintaining the international on-air look of the Animal Planet network. We wanted something that would show whales as they are - magnificent, tranquil creatures whose continued existence depends so much on our understanding of how fragile life can be." ViewPoint Studios designer Tom Bik said, "The profile of the promo was to keep the design simple and elegant. We created two-dimensional representations of whales gracefully animating through a soothing yet vibrant color palette of CGI light and water. As these awesome creatures travel through this environment, the viewer seamlessly journeys into a frame accurate match of real whales and their environment." The second promotional package was for Animal Planet International's "Action Men" stunt week. This week of programming centers on the series THE CROCODILE HUNTER: THE JEFF CORWIN EXPERIENCE, O'SHEA'S BIG ADVENTURE and SHARK GORDON. Holly Roessler, manager of international on-air promotion for Discovery Network International, said, "The message we wanted to convey in this promo package was that Animal Planet offers these adventurous, exciting, super hero type men - "Action Men" you can only see here! We did not want to focus too much on any one show, but rather create a joint promotion for all four shows, that could be aired in the United States as well as Europe." ViewPoint Studios design director Michael Frederick said, "We pumped up the Action Men of Animal Planet by turning them into muscle bulging cartoon super heroes. Through the combination of illustration, design elements and some fast paced footage we created a comic book approach giving us the ability to take a flat style of art and translate it into a high energy, thrill seeking promo."

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