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ViewPoint Blooms 3D Venus Spot For Gillette

ViewPoint Studios has created a new hyper-realistic 3D animated spot for Gillette's Venus, a womens 3-blade razor. "The script called for extreme macro cinematography with complex motion and invisible rigging," said creative director Glenn Robbins. "CGI was the only way to go." Utilizing Maya and Flame compositing the 3D scenes were seamlessly integrated with live-action footage. Starting with an overhead view of a contemporary bathroom, a tub transitions into the razors head, showing off the three strategically placed blades and pivotal mechanism. "With only pre-production models of the product, it was essential to show the true qualities of the Venus," said CGI artist Michael Leone. "The materials were complex layers of transparency, reflection and texture." Rob DelGaudio, director for Black Pearl Productions, said, "The clients from Gillette initially had some reservations about being able to effectively showcase their new product in 3D. But by the time Mike had finished pulling out all the stops in 3D and Dave [Dinisco] added the final lighting and other enhancements in Flame, the folks from Gillette were commenting on how they liked the look created in 3D better than any of the extensive live-action shooting which had been done for the razor." ViewPoint Studios' crew was comprised of Robbins, Leone, Flame artist Dave Dinisco and producer Drew Amorello.

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