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Video Symphony Launches 3D Animation and Visual Effects Course Programs

Video Symphony, a TV, Film and DVD Digital College and Career Center, has launched another in a series of year-long 3D Animation and Visual Effects course programs.

"Today, nearly every movie, TV show and commercial turns to 3D magic and visual effects for everything from dueling spaceships, fiery explosions, and slime-dripping aliens, to animated breakfast cereal, and cars that drive on water, said Video Symphony's president Mike Flanagan.

He adds, "3D visual effects have evolved to the point where concentrated study and practice are necessary to master even entry-level skills. We have spent over 18-months developing a robust, one-year intensive training program that features both 3D animation and visual effects techniques. We are now confident that we offer one of the best LightWave-based training programs in the country.

Over the span of 52 weeks, students acquire solid working knowledge on a series of projects to develop real-life expertise to prepare them as competent practitioners of the animation arts.

The program centers on Newtek's LightWave 3D software, one of the finest 3D modeling software packages available, said Flanagan. It also includes classes on Photoshop, After Effects, Illustrator, Maya, combustion and DV Cinematography.

Video Symphony's LightWave 3D Visual Effects classes will remain small in size but expansive in scope, he said. Individualized, personal interaction allows for close mentor-to-student relationships and guidance. Each of Video Symphony's 10 Macs and 10 PCs are equipped with various state-of-the-art 3D and 2D animation software, along with an exceptional amount of plug-ins and auxiliary programs. Each workstation is networked to a 22-computer render farm powered by Butterfly Net Renderer.

In addition, 3D/VFX students will work with a portable green screen for compositing projects, using a Panasonic 24p Digital Camera and a conversion deck. Each student workstation has a repeater system linked to the instructor's workstation so students can view the instructor's monitor during demonstrations.

Video Symphony is located in the Media District of Burbank, California, near major studios and production facilities. Video Symphony is an authorized training center for Avid, Apple, DigiDesign, Sonic Solutions, Adobe, Alias and NewTek.

Video Symphony has placed hundreds of students and program graduates into paid positions at major entertainment, post-production and broadcasting companies -- ABC, CBS, DirecTV, Digital Domain, Disney Animation, E! Entertainment Television, FOX, Motion Picture Editors' Guild, MTV, NBC, Nickelodeon, Paramount, Sony Pictures Imageworks, UPN, VH1, Warner Bros. and Universal Pictures Animation. The phone is 818/557-7200, and the Web address is