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Vicon To Capture Smaller Producers With New Vcam System

Vicon, a leading developer in motion-capture, announced a new optical motion-capture solution for smaller production facilities and independent game developers via the new Vcam Optical Motion Capture Solution. It combines Vicon's newest camera, the VCam, with the Vicon 6 system and Vicon iQ software to users who need to deliver large quantities of character animation without a dedicated motion capture team or large studio space. Prices for Vicon V6 VCam systems start at $60,000. Combining the V6 VCam system with Vicon iQ, an intelligent software application that automates editing and processing of capture data, gives users a motion capture setup that can be run by a single operator and produce an 8'x10' performance capture volume in the small confines of an office or conference room. Vicon iQ also takes care of the post-processing work for complex performance moves. According to Vicon, the software can clean up files plus the application runs an intelligent analysis, fixes common problems like marker occlusions and rapidly generates a file ready for export to any CG package. Vicon is looking to attract the gaming community with this new line to help animators produce large quantities of data under crushing deadlines. "Optical-based equipment has long been cost prohibitive for this segment of the market," said Jon Damush, business development manager for Vicon. "For years, customers with smaller game production teams and facilities have been relegated to using magnetic motion-capture gear or none at all. With a Vicon VCam solution, that is no longer the case." Vicon Motion Systems, founded in 1984, is a subsidiary of OMG plc (LSE: OMG) with global headquarters in Oxford, U.K., and U.S. headquarters in Lake Forest, California. For more information about Vicon visit