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VGI Captures Rights to Groundbreaking Orsum Island

VGI Ent. has been appointed the exclusive international television distributor for the 26x30 HD motion-capture action-adventure series ADVENTURES ON ORSUM ISLAND. VGI will launch the series, produced by Pineapple Squared and aimed at children aged 7-12, at MIPCOM Jr. The first episode is due for delivery in October 2007.

Using state-of-the-art motion-capture technology -- which VGI says has never before been used for a television production -- as well as advanced CGI techniques and real-life backgrounds, the series' levels of tactility and warmth are reported to be equal to cinematic standards.

The series features an extensive and diverse lineup of characters and the storyline revolves around control of Orsum Island, over which Ming, the wise master, and Zarkan, an evil mutation, battle. Protagonist Kodi arrives with a special power that will allow either Ming or Zarkan to take control of the island once and for all.