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VES Publishes First VFX Industry Credit Guidelines

The Visual Effects Society (VES) has published the first ever set of VES guidelines for titles in the visual effects industry. The list has been vetted by VES members and ratified by the VES Board of Directors. Major studios have reviewed the list as well and are encouraged to utilize it.

"Through these collective efforts, a harmonized master list of titles has been created that should be useful as a touchstone for all effects stakeholders," says VES Exec Director, Eric Roth. "We think it represents a major step forward for our craft in standardizing the use of titles in the credits process for effects artists."

Questions regarding these guidelines can be addressed by calling the VES at 818-981-7861. Credits/Titles to be submitted in accordance with VES Guidelines are as follows:


Senior Visual Effects SupervisorVisual Effects Production AssistantVisual Effects SupervisorVisual Effects AccountantSenior Animation SupervisorVisual Effects Plate SupervisorAdditional Visual Effects SupervisorVisual Effects Plate ProducerVisual Effects Co-SupervisorVisual Effects EditorVisual Effects Associate SupervisorVisual Effects Assistant EditorAnimation DirectorVisual Effects Previz LeadAnimation SupervisorVisual Effects Previz ArtistSenior Visual Effects ProducerVisual Effects Previz EditorVisual Effects ProducerVisual Effects Previz Sound EditorVisual Effects Associate ProducerVisual Effects Data CoordinatorVisual Effects Production SupervisorVisual Effects Data AssistantVisual Effects CoordinatorVisual Effects Vendor CoordinatorVisual Effects Assistant CoordinatorVisual Effects ConsultantVisual Effects Production Associate


Senior Visual Effects SupervisorCG SupervisorVisual Effects SupervisorCompositing SupervisorAdditional Visual Effects SupervisorSenior Visual Effects Art DirectorCo-Visual Effects SupervisorVisual Effects Art DirectorVisual Effects Associate SupervisorConcept ArtistVisual Effects Plate SupervisorStoryboard ArtistVisual Effects ConsultantVisual Effects EditorSenior Animation SupervisorAssistant Visual Effects EditorAnimation SupervisorProjectionistSenior Visual Effects ProducerColor Grading ArtistVisual Effects ProducerColor Grading SupervisorVisual Effects Executive ProducerPreviz SupervisorVisual Effects Associate ProducerPreviz ArtistVisual Effects CoordinatorI/O SupervisorProduction AssociateI/O OperatorProduction SupervisorI/O Neg CutterVisual Effects Production ManagerI/O CoordinatorVisual Effects Plate ProducerScan/Record TechnicianVisual Effects Plate CoordinatorStill Photographer3D Stereoscopic Supervisor


CG Sequence SupervisorLead Texture ArtistDigital Production SupervisorSenior Texture ArtistAnimation SupervisorJunior Texture ArtistAnimation ProducerMotion Capture SupervisorAnimation Production ManagerMotion Capture ProducerAnimation CoordinatorMotion Capture EngineerTechnical Animation SupervisorMotion Capture TechnicianTechnical Animation LeadDustbusterDigital Effects ProducerLead TDDigital Effects Production ManagerTDDigital Effects CoordinatorAssistant TDCharacter Setup SupervisorLighting SupervisorCharacter Setup LeadLighting LeadCharacter Rigging SupervisorLighting ArtistCharacter Rigging ArtistFX AnimatorRigging SupervisorCharacter Animation LeadRigging ArtistCharacter AnimatorLook Development SupervisorAnimation LeadLook Development LeadAnimatorCompositing Sequence SupervisorLayout SupervisorCompositing LeadLayout ArtistCompositorModeling SupervisorMatte SupervisorModeling LeadMatte PainterModelerMatte ArtistSimulation SupervisorMatte Painting SupervisorSimulation LeadLead Digital Matte PainterSimulation ArtistSenior Digital Matte PainterMatchmove SupervisorDigital Matte PainterMatchmove LeadR&D SupervisorMatchmove ArtistR&D ArtistRotoscope SupervisorSenior Technical DeveloperRotoscope LeadSoftware Development SupervisorRotoscope ArtistSoftware DeveloperDigital ArtistSystems ManagerCG ArtistSystems CoordinatorPaint SupervisorSystems EngineerPaint LeadIntegratorsPaint ArtistPipeline SupervisorDigital Paint LeadPipeline EngineerPlate Restoration SupervisorShading SupervisorPlate Restoration LeadShading ArtistPlate Restoration ArtistTexture Paint SupervisorTechnical AssociateTexture LeadTechnical AssistantTexture PainterRender CoordinatorTexture Paint Artist


Motion Capture Line ProducerMotion Capture Camera OperatorMotion Capture SupervisorMotion Capture Pipeline TDMotion Capture ProducerMotion Capture Pipeline EngineerMotion Capture Systems TechnicianMotion Capture Stage ManagerMotion Capture Systems EngineerMotion Capture CoordinatorMotion Capture Systems OperatorMotion Capture AssistantMotion Capture Real Time OperatorMotion Capture Production Assistant


Visual Effects Director of PhotographyVisual Effect Data CaptureVisual Effects PhotographerVisual Effects 2nd Assistant CameraVisual Effects Camera OperatorVisual Effects Camera LoaderVisual Effects 1st Assistant CameraDigital Camera EngineerVisual Effects Survey SupervisorDigital Camera AssistantVisual Effects Surveyor


Senior Special Effects SupervisorSpecial Effects Best BoySpecial Effects SupervisorSenior Special Effects Stage TechnicianSenior Special Effects CoordinatorSpecial Effects Stage TechnicianSpecial Effects CoordinatorSenior Special Effects RiggerSpecial Effects TechnicianSpecial Effects RiggerPyrotechnic SupervisorSenior Special Effects Workshop TechnicianPyrotechnic TechnicianSpecial Effects Workshop TechnicianHead Special Effects Electronic EngineerHead Special Effects Maintenance EngineerSpecial Effects Electronic EngineerSpecial Effects Maintenance EngineerSpecial Effects Electronic TechnicianHead Special Effects MachinistHead Special Effects Stage TechnicianSpecial Effects Machinist


Motion Control SupervisorMotion Control Camera AssistantMotion Control ProducerMotion Control PrevizMotion Control CameramanMotion Control TechnicianMotion Control OperatorMotion Control Crane Operator


Models/Miniatures Director of PhotographyModels/Miniatures SupervisorModels/Miniatures ProducerSenior ModelmakerModels/Miniatures GafferChief ModelmakerModels/Miniatures CoordinatorModelmakerModels/Miniatures Sr. Camera OperatorModels/Miniatures SculptorModels/Miniatures Camera OperatorSenior PlastererModels/Miniatures 1st Assistant CameraSenior PainterModels/Miniatures 2nd Assistant CameraGraphic ArtistModels/Miniatures Camera LoaderCreature SupervisorModels/Miniatures Technical ApprenticeSenior Creature TechDigital Camera EngineerCreature TechDigital Camera AssistantSupervising Mechanical EngineerModels/Miniatures StagehandMechanical EngineerModels/Miniatures Production ManagerChief Scenic ArtistModelshop SupervisorScenic ArtistModels/Miniatures Effects SupervisorAssistant Scenic Artist


Head Stop Motion AnimatorStop Motion Lead SculptorStop Motion AnimatorStop Motion SculptorStop Motion Assistant AnimatorStop Motion Lead Model RiggerStop Motion Puppet CoordinatorStop Motion Model RiggerStop Motion Puppet WranglerStop Motion Lead Mold/Mould MakerStop Motion Junior Puppet WranglerStop Motion Mold/Mould MakerStop Motion Lead Armature EngineerStop Motion Camera ManagerStop Motion Armature EngineerStop Motion Camera OperatorStop Motion Character FabricatorStop Motion Assistant Camera


Animatronics SupervisorAnimatronics Foam Latex TechnicianAnimatronics CoordinatorAnimatronics Mold/Mould MakersAnimatronics DesignerAnimatronics SculptorAnimatronics Mechanical SupervisorAnimatronics SeamstressAnimatronics TechnicianAnimatronics Hair/Fur TechnicianAnimatronics Control Systems Designer