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Venture Bros. Season 2 Swims Onto DVD

Adult Swim and Warner Home Video present THE VENTURE BROS.: SEASON TWO on DVD. THE VENTURE BROS. SECOND SEASON debuted on Adult Swim in June 2006, and nearly seven million people 18-34 tuned in to watch the show over the summer. Now all 13 episodes are available for the first time on a two-disc collector's box set priced at $29.98. Special features include episode commentaries and a tour of the show's production studios Astro-base Go!

"With the ratings showing strong fan support for the second season of the series and exceptional sales figures for the first season DVD, we wanted to get these new episodes out to our fan base," stated John Friend, svp of Cartoon Network Enterprises. "We're confident this new release will get a terrific reception in the marketplace."

With Hank and Dean Venture presumably dead, their father Dr. Thaddeus S. "Rusty" Venture and his bodyguard, Brock Samson, voiced by Patrick Warburton of THE TICK and SEINFELD, deal with the aftermath. The second season also unveils a further evolution of the sibling rivalry between Dr. Venture and his twin brother, Jonas Venture, Jr. Now that Jonas has been extracted from his brother's body, he seeks what he believes is his due -- control of Venture Industries.

A spoof of 1960s action cartoons such as JOHNNY QUEST, THE VENTURE BROS., a 30-minute animated adventure/comedy series, created by Jackson Publick III, follows the bizarre misadventures of the Venture family: Dr. Venture, his dim-witted, fraternal twin sons Hank and Dean and Brock, their bodyguard, an undercover government agent assigned to keep an eye on the family -- then promptly forgotten by the Feds. The series can be seen each Sunday at 1:00 am ET/PT.

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