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Velocity Design Helps HBO Sunday Spots Come Home

Velocity Design Group in New York City has teamed up again with the creatives at HBO to craft the networks new Sunday night lineup branding campaign, making the networks stars sing the same tune Mel Tormes rendition of Comin Home. The song was selected after an extensive search for one that conveyed the desired mood and message. Scores of tapes were screened at Velocity and HBO to find the longest moments of serendipitous synchronicity.

Some of the shots demanded a great deal of finessing and time re-mapping in Adobe After Affects to synch them properly. The process was complex due to the extensive list of characters from THE SOPRANOS, SEX AND THE CITY, SIX FEET UNDER, THE WIRE and CURB YOUR ENTHUSIASM required to be in the spot.

A project like this isnt for the faint of heart, explained Velocitys president Bryan Fernandez. It really takes a level of commitment and confidence that only comes from experience. We faced a similar can this even be done situation with HBOs Cast Party on-air promo where we rotoscoped more than 50 of HBOs original programming characters into a single party environment.

After the Comin Home spot aired, it was so well received that a second version with entirely new clips was immediately put into development. Having already developed a process and procedure to complete the spot, the second spot was an opportunity for Velocity to find even more interesting and impressive synchronicity.

Karen Sands was the creative director and Kathy Rocklein was the producer for HBO. Bryan Fernandez and Paul Waszak were the designers for Velocity (