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VeCToR LouNGe Online Multimedia Event

* Saturday, April 28 - Sunday, April 29, 2001. Paris, France

* Wednesday, June 6 Friday, June 8, 2001. Annecy, France

VeCToR LouNGe is inviting Web designers and developers to join forces to create a collective Website exploring all the possibilities of the digital arts, gaming and interactive technologies. VeCToR LouNGe is both an online event and a multimedia "happening" that will take place during various events throughout the world. VeCToR LouNGe, Session 1 - The Next Web Jam will take place at Paris Centre Pompidou/Beaubourg, April 28-29, 2001. Ten Web designers will create a Website about the architecture of Beaubourg, using existing multimedia sources. This live performance will be followed by a projection of Web animations specially made for the event. VeCToR LouNGe, Session 2 - Open Web Jam Project will take place during the Annecy festival, June 6-8, 2001. French Web designers will get together to create a collective server dedicated to their common passion: cartoons. For more information, visit: