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Varab Screams With AARGH!

Orlando, Florida-based AARGH! ANIMATION, INC. has signed veteran animator JEFFREY VARAB. Varab, best known for his key animation on MULAN, BALTO, LAND BEFORE TIME, CASPER, THE TIGGER MOVIE and the upcoming Fox feature TITAN A.E., has moved to AARGH! to be part of a more intimate creative team. "The exciting part of joining Mark and Dave [AARGH!] is that it allows me to use all of my experience in exciting and challenging ways," said Varab. Originally hired at Disney Animation in 1977, Varab started on the movie PETE'S DRAGON beside one of Disney's original "9 Old Men," Eric Larson. Larson himself was hired by Disney in the mid-30s. Varab's career has included work for Spielberg's Amblin, Universal Pictures, Don Bluth, Fox Animation and his own studio in Denmark. Varab and Mark Simon, co-founder of AARGH!, are currently working on a two-minute short which they co-wrote. The short, titled SCARY THINGS, examines how children deal with nightmares.

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