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Van Helsing Stakes its Summer Claim

While not in the same league as X2 or SPIDER-MAN, Universal's monster mash, VAN HELSING (with vfx by ILM), opened with a respectable $51.7M to kick off the summer box office season for the period ended May 9, 2004. Meanwhile, VAN HELSING brought in $55.2M overseas in 41 international territories, for a combined three-day gross of $106.9M. That's better than director Stephen Sommers' previous MUMMY debuts.

Paramount's MEAN GIRLS dropped to second place with $13.6M and a two-week total of $42M). Fox's MAN ON FIRE cooled to third with $8.2M and $56.3M to date. Warner Bros.' NEW YORK MINUTE, despite the presence of the Olsen twins, failed to generate much heat, debuting in fourth with $5.9M. Sony/Revolution's Jennifer Garner comedy, 13 GOING ON 30, finished in the fifth spot with $5.8M and a cume of $5.8M. New Line's LAWS OF ATTRACTION came in sixth with $3.6M and $12M. Miramax's KILL BILL VOL. 2 (with vfx by K.N.B. EFX Group) held the seventh position with $3M and $57.7M. Lions Gate's GODSEND fell to eighth, earning $2.7M and $11.3M to date. DreamWorks' ENVY came in ninth with $2.5M and $9.9M. And Disney's HOME ON THE RANGE held the 10th spot with $1.2M and $47.2M. Box office information obtained from

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