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U.S. Viewers to Prepare for Coming of League Of Super Evil

Get ready to root for the bad guys, here comes the LEAGUE OF SUPER EVIL, a new comedy series that will soon be unveiled on Cartoon Network.

Produced by the evil masterminds at Nerd Corps Ent., this hilarious comedy series follows a team of bumbling super villains in their ongoing quest for total neighbourhood domination, and will launch in March airing four times per week, with new episodes premiering on Monday evenings. The net has picked up 26 half hours, which will be aired as two consecutive 11-minute segments. Additionally, Nerd Corps will be creating 30-second shorts tied to each episode for use as bonus on-air content of evil.

"The great thing about the League is that they always find a small, delusional victory where everyone else would see a defeat," says Nerd Corps CEO and creative head Asaph Fipke. "And they tend to lose spectacularly. The fun is in the ridiculous and convoluted course they take in getting there, and the underlying parody in the heroes and villains that the town is full of."

Collaborating on the League's plan for complete world domination is YTV in Canada , which will also launch the series in March, as well as the BBC's children's channel in the UK, CBBC, Jetix in Latin America and Canal +, Canal J and Gulli in France.

Armed with a whole new approach to badness, THE LEAGUE OF SUPER EVIL (a.k.a. L.O.S.E.) follows four Super Villains who have set their sights on nothing less than total neighborhood domination! L.O.S.E. is helmed by the diminutive Great Voltar, whose grandiose plans are generally minuscule and child-like -- and give new meaning to the term lowered expectations. Then there's gadgeteer Doktor Frogg, whose evil genius is diminished only by his incredible bad luck. Bringing the muscle is fresh-faced former farm-boy Reginald "Red" Menace, who prefers to channel his energy into gardening, cute animals and bouncy castles. And we can't forget the completely unpredictable Doomageddon, a pan-dimensional creature who brings the term "bad dog" to a whole other level. Between using a Shiruken anime robot to win a playground slam dunk competition, inventing a super-computer to protect Voltar's sweet new evil BMX bike, or hosting a neighborhood BBQ and not inviting any of the neighbors, L.O.S.E. struggles ever-onward to its goal of total mindless fun! Isn't it time the Villains got their due?