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U.S. Primetime TV Ratings For The Week Of November 13-19, 2000

THE SIMPSONS came in 39th place with an 8.5 rating and a 13 share. At #65, KING OF THE HILL earned a 6.2 rating and a 10 share. On the WB, THE PJS only grabbed a 1.4 rating and a 2 share in its Sunday 7:30 pm time slot. These ratings and shares represent primetime TV in the U.S. on broadcast networks for the week starting Monday, November 13 through Sunday, November 19, 2000. A rating is the percentage of households that tuned into the program in the entire universe of TV homes. The universe estimate for the 2000-2001 television season is 102.2 million TV homes. Each rating point represents one percent of that universe, or 1.022 million TV homes. Translation: THE SIMPSONS, with an 8.6 rating, was viewed in just over 8.78 million (8.6 x 1.022 million) households. A share is the percentage of homes with TVs being used at that given time.

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