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Urbaniacs Throttle Henchlings, Test Trivia in New Games

The be-your-own-superhero site Urbaniacs has launched the beta versions of two new games HENCHLING THROTTLE and TRIVIA ROYALE. In HENCHLING THROTTLE, players don the identity of either Freaky Sneaky Tiki, Tricky Kicky Chick, Afro-liscious Funk Daddy or Super Speedy Dude in a mission to rescue townfolk from the GoatFists shadowy henchlings that are prowling the city. TRIVIA ROYALE is an Urbaniacs trivia game that tests members knowledge of all things Urbanville.

Other recent updates include the addition of the peanut loving character, Elephantic Gigantic Vigilantic and the new location Freakys Auto Hut where players can cash in their Urbos and drive away in a set of new wheels. Moreover, members can now spin their mobiles over to The Shop and pimp out their ride with custom kits and rims. Additionally, heroes can check out the latest edition of Urbanville Chronicles to find out the latest heroically funny tales that are taking place around the Urbaniacs universe.

Urbaniacs is an online game-filled superhero world where members can create silly superheroes by combining different body parts together to form their own hero or villain. To find out more, visit

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