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Urbaniacs Allows Netizens To Become Their Own Superheroes

A new site has launched on the Net called, which allows Net surfers to create, train and enhance their own funky superheroes. Urbaniacs are a group of silly superheroes that fans get to create by combining different body parts together to form their own Urbaniac. By picking a different head, torso and legs, members increase their might, mojo, defense and health. Different combinations also give the new Urbaniacs a mix of powers such as Boogie Finger, Ice Scream and Tribal Storm. Members can upload their own pictures to include as their alter ego and choice a range of character disposition, including undecided, hero, villain, nomad, vigilante or beatnik. Each day one lucky member is profiled on the homepage as the Hero of the Day.

The sticky site provides lots of areas for visitors to play games and communicate with other members all the while gaining Urbos, which can be used to purchase new equipment, robots, replacement body parts and food at various locations around town. From the Post Office, members can send friends e-mail postcards featuring the Urbaniacs characters. By dropping into City Hall, members can learn all the new updates to the site. In addition, the Urbanville Chronicles newspaper keeps members up-to-date on whats going on in Urbanville. Members can submit their own tales for consideration. New locations will be coming in the future.

For more information, contact Urbaniacs Inc. toll free at (888) 262-3695, fax (310) 317-7833 or e-mail

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