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UPN Orders Cartoon Series From Urban Entertainment

UPN has ordered a pilot for an animated sketch series from Urban Entertainment. The untitled project will feature Webtoons bridged together by an animated host. Urban Entertainment plans to license some content from other sites for the series. Company founder and CEO Michael Jenkinson said to the DAILY VARIETY, "It will be a broad sweep of the best stuff that's out there on the Internet. It will be youthful and hip and will definitely have an attitude." This deal isn't the first between UPN and Urban Entertainment. The Website's animated series POOKIE POO will be featured in UPN's upcoming live-action comedy sketch show OFF LIMITS. Urban Entertainment isn't new to offline deals either. Currently, Imagine Entertainment and Universal Pictures are in the pre-production stages of a live-action version of the site's UNDERCOVER BROTHER.

Go behind the scenes at Urban Entertainment in Animation World Magazine to see how the Netco is fulfilling the promise of the Internet.

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