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UPN Buys Game Over CGI Series

UPN gave its pilot project, MEET THE BREAKNECKS, from Carsey-Werner-Mandabach, the greenlight to series, renaming it GAME OVER. UPN entertainment president Dawn Ostroff ordered the series as a mid-season replacement for the net's first ever CGI series in prime time.

DKP effects in Montreal, Toronto, Canada is producing the 3D animation for CWM in Los Angeles. CWN dabbled in primetime animation before with the short-lived GOD, THE DEVIL AND BOB series for NBC, which it produced with its own in-house animation unit. This time around, the primetime live-action veterans are sticking to the writing and producing duties it excels at, leaving the animation up to DKP, which is using a variety of keyframe and motion capture proprietary and off-the-shelf tools to deliver its first series contract.

Written and executive produced by David Sacks, David Goestch, Jason Venokur and Ross Venokur, GAME OVER features the far from ordinary suburban Smashenburn family, who live in an alternate video-game universe comprised of off beat characters. Within this world of action heroes, monsters and cartoon characters inspired by popular video games, the Smashenburns find unconventional ways to survive everyday issues.

As head of the Smashenburn household, Rip (voiced by SEINFELD alum Patrick Warburton) is a hotshot Grand Prix racecar driver who rides and wrecks daily. His feisty and attractive wife, Raquel (voiced by Academy Award-winner Marisa Tomei), is a modern working woman juggling family and her exhilarating job as a gun-toting, monster-fighting Agent Smashenburn. Their son, Billy (voiced by E.G. Daily), is a 13-year-old shallow-but-trendy, wanna-be hip- hopster who often argues with his 14-year-old sister, Alice (voiced by SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE'S Rachel Dratch), a cynical yet socially conscious teen.

In the family's master plan to form a stronger bond, the Smashenburns attempt to find a perfect pet. They end up with Turbo (voiced by Artie Lange), a 300-pound talking creature whose favorite pastimes are robbing pawn shops, smoking stogies and creating mayhem -- all with an attitude. The friendly next-door neighbors are the Changs, a family of Kung Fu fighting Shaolin Monks, including the attractive Dark Princess and her husband, Sam (played by Marie Matiko and June Sie).

Marcy Carsey, Tom Werner, Caryn Mandabach (THAT 70S SHOW, GROUNDED FOR LIFE, 3RD ROCK FROM THE SUN), David Sacks (THE SIMPSONS), David Goetsch, Jason Venokur (3rd Rock From The Sun) and Ross Venokur (THE TICK) are executive producers.