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University of the Arts Students Using Intel-based Rendering Technology

University of the Arts Media Arts Department have begun using an Intel Core 2 Duo processor workstation system and an Intel Pentium D processor server render farm for its students high-end animation and digital films. The new Intel processors reduce render times for UArts students who explore complex environments, dynamic character movement and dense texturing as they create their work.

Our students have created many award winning films over the past decade and look forward to taking this technology out for a spin, said UArts animation program coordinator and Media Arts Department chair Karl Staven. The University is excited to have an ongoing working relationship with Intel and looks forward to our relationship continuing to grow and be advantageous for both parties. Even during our summer hiatus, students are poking their heads in the door and asking to try the new system.

We are delighted to be working with Intel because of the extraordinary resources they bring to the table, which results in far more productive environments for our students, faculty and staff, said Harris Fogel, the former chair of the Media Arts Department who worked on the arrangement. Our students can work for and achieve projects that we all thought were out of reach, but thanks to Intel are now possible. As a result, we can be more demanding of them, and in doing so, give them the competitive edge they need in todays creative atmosphere. When our students graduate, they are going to be measured by their work and the original content they create. With Intels support, technology and cutting-edge productivity, we can help them to create the content of their dreams.

These students will be the next generation of animators and filmmakers to influence what we watch in the movies, television, and mobile devices, said Boyd Davis, gm, Intel Server Platforms Group Marketing, Intel. The Intel Core 2 Duo processor workstations offer both a significant leap in performance over previous generations and plenty of headroom for animators and filmmakers alike.

The University of the Arts is dedicated to the visual, performing and communication arts. Its 2,300 students are enrolled in undergraduate and graduate programs on its campus in the heart of Philadelphias Avenue of the Arts.

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