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Universal Reviving The Thing

Updating another of its "creatures features," Universal has hired BATTLESTAR GALACTIC exec producer Ron Moore to write a script for THE THING, with director Matthijs Van Heijningen also on board, per VARIETY.

THE THING was last filmed in 1982 and has become one of John Carpenter's horror classics. The new reimagining is still based around John W. Campbell Jr.'s short story WHO GOES THERE that was Carpenter's basis as well as Howard Hawks for the original 1951 feature THE THING FROM ANOTHER WORLD.

Eric Newman and Marc Abraham are producing for Strike Ent. with David Foster exec producing.

The story is set in a Norwegian camp and follows how the shape-shifting alien was first discovered and overcomes the camp's inhabitants. Van Heijningen is a commercials director that has shot for Toyota, Pepsi, Bud Light and Visa, and is working with Zack Snyder (as producer) on ARMY OF THE DEAD at Warner Bros. Snyder, himself a commercials-turned-feature director, crossed over with the Strike-produced DAWN OF THE DEAD remake in 2004.