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UNICEF's Cartoons For Children's Rights

UNICEF, the United Nations International Children's Education Fund, is

looking for additional animation partners to participate in their "Cartoons

for Children's Rights" initiative. The partnership currently includes over

70 animation companies, as well as independent animators from 32 countries.

Each participant produces and donates at least one 30-second non-verbal

public service announcement dealing with a single right, such as a child's

right to protection from armed conflict, to health care, to freedom from

abuse, to a name and nationality, that children worldwide should have. The

shorts are being offered free of charge to broadcasters around the world

through the National Committees for UNICEF and UNICEF field offices.

Already, over 2000 broadcasters in 160 countries are showing the 66 spots

from the first two tapes to an estimated viewing audience of over 1 billion

people. Credit to each animator is given at the end of each spot.

Participate in the newest tapes being launched in June! Visit UNICEF's Web

site at or contact George McBean, Head of Design, UNICEF,

Division of Communication, at: 3 UN Plaza, New York, NY 10017; or E-mail:

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